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Intuition is a global research, education, technology and creative solutions business, from InvestingChannel, Inc., that invests in intelligence to make the art of human-driven communication and decision-making more intuitive for both Financial Advisors and Financial Services Marketers.

Intuition provides critical information on customer attributes, behaviors and needs, practical tools, content and visual design to drive smarter, more accurate conversations between Marketers, Advisors and their respective clients.

Financial Advisors have access to a repository of thought-provoking ideas, industry trends, competitive research, and practice management collateral to increase productivity during client conversations, in addition to, marketing services, continuing education credits and employment opportunities.

Financial Services Marketers are extended intellectual capital through well-informed research, campaign strategy and implementation, expertise in creative design, content creation, technology, audience data and the psychology behind the humanization of brand and Financial Advisors.

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